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Overwhelming Response!

So nearly a month in and I have been overwhelmed with all the support of the amazing local business who have partnered up and become one of the building blocks of FoD Card. Really couldn't do it without you all!

What is the most exciting about it all is the sheer array of different offers. We have cider, beer, holiday let, hot tubs, artists, jewellery, hypnotherapy and even firewood and chimney sweeping! 

I love this mix, and hope this is what makes FoD Card great.The uptake and positive vibes for what we are trying to achieve is just phenomenal. Gradually I think more people are starting to hear about FoD Card - word is getting out.

There is one challenge though, and that is trying to grow our members. This is there I need your help please. Currently the way in which to purchase a FoD card is to come to the website and click on the correct card to purchase. 

Is this method not suitable/too difficult? What methods of payment should I offer?

If you have someone who comes in to use the FoD Card with you, I ask that if possible, you could kindly share this information too, would be greatly received. 

My main question is, how can we encourage more people to sign up and enjoy supporting all these local businesses and also getting a great deal at the same time?

To make this happen we need to work together

Thanks all, Kate x

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1 comentário

Karen Jenkins
07 de mai. de 2020

Maybe you could have some leaflets or info at each workplace and we could hand them out?

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